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New Milford Remodel

Job: Roofing, siding, windows, and doors


We had done the typical pre-remodel thing, we asked for estimates from 3 different providers. Right from the get-go, Chris stood out from the others. He gave us us a professional looking estimate via email the same day he visited us. As a computer nerd I appreciated this, it was clear and easy to read and above all very fair. One contractor gave us his estimate on what appeared to be a used napkin from his last Cookhouse meal.

Once we contracted with Chris, he gave us detailed timelines and hit every major milestone. The fun really started when the first DeFalco truck parked in the driveway. The secret of DeFalco's reputation is his crew, he has real pro's working for him, His main guy has been with him for 10 year and works harder and with more skill than like anybody I have every seen.

The end of the first day, my main roof was done, A roof that caused me so many issues the last two winters now looked and performed better than ever.

The rest of work also went very quickly but only because they seem to work 24/7. Any bumps along the way were handled quickly by Chris himself. We added a few items in along the way, new doors, lights, etc and never once did Chris object. He just got it done.

The house looks so good now, we think we will have to sell it as we don't deserve to live in a home that looks this good.

Laurel Hill apartments

siding, decorative trim, decks railings composite, gutters

Wasabi restaurant Kent

roofing, siding, windows, doors, framing, gutters